How To Make A Crappy Brand In 6 Steps

I’ve always been inspired by fashion and branding and wanted to create a clothing brand of my own. The thing is, brands are never your own. Someone can come up with an idea, but it is inevitable that others will interpret it in a different way, and that’s the best way for a brand to capture your attention; it tells you a bit about itself but allows for your interpretation.

Here we have samples from X Is Yours, a brand that I created and clumsily destroyed. This project poorly thought out brand has been sitting dormant for 10 months and it wasn’t until now that I was ready to share it. During that period I’ve had time to create other identities and brands, but they are all caged in; ‘X’ is still inspiring and the original copy I wrote captures the same feeling.

That being said, it still sucks after all this time. I saw it havig potential, but there’s nothing beyond the surface. By ‘dormant’ I really mean I kept it as a way to look back on my mistakes and potentially use it as inspiration for something else – you never know.

Here is a general walkthrough of my design process, if you can call it that.


For me, it usually starts with a random name popping in my head and then looking for a font to express that idea or whatever it is. I use, now to the point that I generally just search their new fonts section after rummaging through most of their catalog. It was here that I found CleanApe, a font that is short and chunky, in a 70’s kind of way. It’s a stupid and useless font if you’re going to spell anything with it, but if you use the letter “X” in CleanApe as a shape, it looks pretty cool.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 10.11.33 AM

See, it’s not easily readable (the “N” looks like an “H”) and it isn’t good for anything but a poster for 7th-grade history in 1978.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 10.11.50 AM

An “X” by itself looks pretty good. What if you threw a dot in the middle, like a bullseye?

Now you have an “X Flower”.

x logo

The Identity

Take an “X” and make it your own. That inspired this copy:

x copy

We’re cooking with gas now; color schemes and logo and font variants start working their way into the mix.

x red dot

Red dot on a black “X”. Simple.

Tried lots of colors, but black and red were the clear winners (yellow isn’t bad, though).


CleanApe is a silly font, but when you make the font super small it starts to look a bit better. We’re getting somewhere, placing the brand name below the logo.

x x is yours logo

Dipped in red ink.

x red x is yours logo

The Age of Weakness and Logo Flipping

I’m very much against logo flipping, or taking someone’s shit and changing it just so to avoid trademark or copyright infringement, but in a moment of weakness I felt like taking inspiration from someone else’s hard work. That being said, I really just took the repeating red scheme but it still wasn’t really my idea.

“Red Flower Box”: Inspired by Stolen from staples of the fashion industry.

x flower box red

“Mixed Flower Box”:

x flower box mix

That’s cute, but let’s do something that is our own.

Back to Basics

Let’s take the “X” and dunk it in a red sea; that looked great on the logo and font together, but the font really isn’t worth keeping.

x white dot red

Realizing CleanApe is Awful and a New Font is Needed

A wild font appeared! Gladifilthefte is an odd name incapable of being spoken aloud without sounding like you’re having a stroke, but it is a great font.

x exisurs logo

I altered the spelling of X Is Yours because that’s something you can do with your brand. You can do whatever the hell you want as long as you don’t destroy it.

x exisurs

You can say that correctly without sounding like you’re speaking a forgotten Serbian dialect or you’re about to spit on someone.

x exisurs rlogo

Before, the brand name was below the logo “X Flower”, now it is placed above. It looks better this way.

Keep Going

x xiy redx

Same font, different spelling, and the red “X” helps the logo pop while maintaining Gladifilthefte’s unique flavor.

x exisurs redx

The red still helps catch the eye and you still know what the brand name is without having to know “X Is Yours”.

x xiy triguy 2.0

Tri-Guy with the name floating above his head was a fun character experiment, but doesn’t make any sense. It doesn’t have to, but it still has to work – this is debatable here.

So, that’s how that was done. Painful, wasn’t it?

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